Micronized Humate Product for Liquid Suspension
All Natural Soil Conditioner Net Weight - 30 lbs.

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Micromate is the result of a revolutionary new micronizing technology and can be suspended in a liquid to deliver the maximum possible concentration of humic/fulvic acids, plus the important humin fraction, to your plants and soil in a liquid form (shipped as a dry concentrate).

Micromate uses the advantage of the tremendous surface area to more readily improve your plants and soil. When in liquid form, a total humic/fulvic acid analysis of 24% exceeds any known liquid product on the market.

Micromate is totally organic, non-toxic and safe to handle. The natural pH of 3.7 enables Micromate to be safely used in all types of agriculture, horticulture and home uses.


1-2 lbs. in the seed furrow as a starter with constant agitation and/or 2-4 lbs. per acre as a foliar application, 2-3 times per growing season recommended for row crops and forages. Plants need to be just past the seedling stage - about 25% coverage of the ground before the first application. Second application is usually just before flowering, or just before the onset of the reproductive stage of the crop. The 3rd application would be early in the grain fill or fruit/vegetable sizing stage.

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why are humateS SO important?

Everyone Knows What Happens When Soil Becomes Depleted

Yields drop. Crops become more susceptible to disease and weaker stock is an open invitation for pests to move in. Crucial to life,humates restore the natural balance in soil necessary for optimal plant growth, and provide the foundation for plant vigor. Humates are highly concentrated, natural organic humus, formed through the biological breakdown of plant life over millions of years. Today we mine those rich remains to give your soil a concentrated source of naturally occurring humus. Its biochemically active humic acid content and the complex process of organic complexing, along with increased microbial activity, make the minerals and trace elements which are necessary for growth readily available to your plants.

the MVH Team

Bruce Reid
Bruce Reid
Owner and General Manager of MVH. Bruce has 33 years of experience in geology and has been responsible, since 1999, for building MVH from a small company to a major humate manufacturer.


Joel Reid is Mesa Verde Humates' Sales Manager and has been with MVH since 2001. He is extremely technically knowledgeable and is very astute at helping to build your input program for all crops and soils. Assisting with specific problem areas and difficult soils is Joel's speciality.