By Lyndon Smith,
President and CEO
Bio Huma Netics, Inc.

I’m excited to share that Bio Huma Netics, Inc. (BHN) has acquired an additional building in Arizona. It’s a significant milestone for us that not only testifies to the continual progress we’re making as a company but will also serve as a building block for future expansions.

The 40,182-square-foot building sits on 3.3 acres in Tempe, which is our sister city located near BHN headquarters in Gilbert, Arizona. In 2011, when we purchased the building in Gilbert, we wondered if we’d ever be able to fill that building, but with our sales volumes and capabilities being what they are now, we have outgrown it and require more warehouse space.

One of the requirements that we were looking for during the property hunt was rail access, as it would allow us to freight goods more efficiently. When we located this particular property in Tempe, we promptly realized it would be ideal for us since it had rail access, and also provided additional warehouse space that would help expand our production capabilities. The rail access will help bring in raw materials directly to the facility while empowering us to export finished goods to far off locations through rail network. It will also facilitate our ongoing mining operations in our two mines in Idaho and New Mexico.

This acquisition will give BHN almost 100,000 square feet under roof situated on close to 10 acres in total. In the coming few months we plan to transform the warehouse building into our vision of a world class packaging, blending, and bottling facility! I believe this is one of the many crucial steps along our path to becoming the world leader in humic substances.

This is an exciting time for BHN, as we look forward to great opportunities to grow and be able to meet our customers’ needs not only in the short term but for many years to come.