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Mesa Verde Humates are Nature’s brilliant blend of organic, humic, fulvic acids and more. They’re used extensively to increase plant quality and production, and to improve and replenish depleted soils. Field trials prove that plants develop much stronger root systems and that length, density and root radius dramatically increase. Finally, through increased synthesis of chlorophyll, humates help accumulate solar energy, increasing cell energy balance. Natural processes result in an increase in the plant’s resistance to unfavorable stress factors, improved nitrogen assimilation and nutrient uptake, and help facilitate the synthesis of sugars, vitamins, and more.

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The Economic Benefits of Mesa Verde Genuine New Mexico Humates are Clear in Trial after Trial

There is no better way to enhance the economics of farming than to build soil humus and enhance natural processes, such as microbial activity, that can be sustained over a long, productive life. Building levels of natural Humic Acids reduces the need for commercial fertilizers, because of improved fertilizer use efficiency. This benefit alone will reduce waste and the environmental concern of leaching fertilizers and pesticides into the water table and surface waters. Reduction in tillage costs, improved water utilization and increases in plant quality and yields will have a direct impact on your bottom line, and you’ll see the results rapidly. Most insects tend to stay away from high-energy plants which have a strengthened immune system as a result of the presence of Humic and Fulvic Acids and the increased nutrient content they deliver to the plant. Finally, research shows that plants treated with humates have more stress tolerance to heat, draught and nutrient shortages, thus assuring a more successful crop and higher yield. Because Mesa Verde Humates offer an economical solution to your numerous challenges, it’s an investment you should consider,
and a return you’ll welcome.


Our Humates are High in Fulvic Acids

Fulvic Acid has always been present in plants and soils, yet only recently has it been recognized for its incredible value in energizing cell life among plants. Mesa Verde Humates are particularly high in the all-important Fulvic Acid fraction, which stays in solution even in strongly acidic conditions and will bring otherwise insoluble fractions of metal micronutrients and phosphorus into solution. This allows your plants to directly and readily absorb them, while producing a healthy, hormone-like effect that has an immediate positive effect on most crops. This is the difference that sets Mesa Verde Humates apart, putting the Power Beneath Your Plants.


Our product line consists of thirteen different humate products.

Contact Us: 1.844.486.2837

Contact Us: 1.844.486.2837

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