Strengthening the Biostimulant Movement with HPTA

By Lyndon SmithPresident and CEO,Bio Huma Netics, Inc. We attended the Humic Products Trade Association (HPTA) annual meeting this past month in Park City, Utah. It’s always a pleasure to get together with industry peers and talk about issues pertaining to HPTA as well as discussing the latest and the greatest research and product developments

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10 Fertilizer Facts for Global Fertilizer Day 2022

Every year, October 13 is marked as Global Fertilizer Day to highlight the significance and acknowledge the contribution of the fertilizer industry in feeding the world’s growing populations. This annual international awareness campaign is supported by fertilizer associations and companies across the world with the shared purpose of highlighting the social, economic, and environmental impact

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BHN Acquires Warehouse in Tempe

By Lyndon Smith, President and CEOBio Huma Netics, Inc. I’m excited to share that Bio Huma Netics, Inc. (BHN) has acquired an additional building in Arizona. It’s a significant milestone for us that not only testifies to the continual progress we’re making as a company but will also serve as a building block for future

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Introducing New Humic Conversations Video Series

We are excited to introduce our new educational project, the Humic Conversations Video Series. As the name suggests, each episode of the series will focus on humic substances. Two leading researchers from our Humic Research Lab. Dr. Rich Lamar and Dr. Hiarhi Monda will share their expertise with the viewers. In Episode 1 of this

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Research Report: Biostimulant Effect of Humic Acids on Tomato Plants Under Nutritional Stress

In a research study, originally published in Frontiers in Plant Science, May 2021, Vol. 12:660224, the biostimulant properties of humic acid (HA) were tested on Micro Tom tomato plants under increasing nutritional stress. The results confirmed the positive role humic acids play in enhancing nutrient efficiency uptake in plants. A team of scientists from the

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Why Are Humic Substances Called Acids?

By Richard Lamar, PhD Senior Director of Humic Research Bio Huma Netics, Inc. We are accustomed to seeing humic substances (humic and fulvic) in dry/granular form, and we tend to think of acids as liquids. So why are humic and fulvic substances called acids? All substances, solid AND liquid, have a chemical makeup. An acid

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