Global Fertilizer Day Is October 13

Global Fertilizer Day: Join us in celebrating the world’s farmers. They have set themselves the almost impossible task of feeding more and more people while using less land and fewer resources.

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Humic Acid Biostimulant Research by BHN Humic R&D Lab Scientists Published in Int’l Agronomic Journal

The use of humic acids leads to a fast and effective response to nutrient deficiency based on increases in plant morphology and productivity.

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Video: Earth Day, 2021

Watch our 2021 Earth Day video, celebrating products with Earth-friendly ingredients from Huma Gro, Huma Gro Turf, Mesa Verde Humates, Fertilgold Organics, and Probiotic Solutions.

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Interview with The Fertilizer Institute’s CEO, Corey Rosenbusch

BHN CEO Lyndon Smith and The Fertilizer Institute’s President & CEO Corey Rosenbusch discuss TFI’s mission and vision, programs and initiatives, and challenges facing the fertilizer industry.

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Video: BHN Company Values

In this 4-minute video, BHN President/CEO Lyndon Smith speaks with us about BHN’s Company Values—Integrity, Win-Win-Win, Proactive Innovation, Relentless Pursuit of Excellence—and their impact on how we conduct business, treat our customers, and benefit the world.

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Open, With Care: A Video Message From Bio Huma Netics

At Bio Huma Netics, Inc., our Operations Team realizes the incredible challenges that are in the world today, and we are doing everything in our power to better serve you. From the start of the crises, our Team has focused on keeping our employees, customers, families, and communities safe while putting into place safe practices to

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