Mesa Verde Humates is a full service Humate mining and manufacturing company.

We can provide humate products in any desired quantity, from 10 tons to 10,000 tons. We will ship to any domestic or international location.

The mining process is simple and consists of removing the overburden with bulldozers. Front end loaders then mine the humate, which is then trucked to our processing plant for crushing, screening or pulverizing into finished products. The processing is designed strictly to provide our high-quality humates in the particle size desired by the customer. At no time are any foreign materials or chemicals added. The humates you receive are in their natural state, reduced to convenient particle sizes for your application. Testing for humic acid content is made every 12 linear feet of the deposit and every day at the processing plant. This assures a quality product with the minimum humic acid quantities.

Granular Humate products are shipped in bulk, or packaged in 1-ton mini-bulk bags or 50 lb. bags. or sent in loose bulk shipments depending upon the finished product and requirements of our customers. Available bagging is listed on each product page. Private labeling is available upon request.

We ship our products to a large variety of customers in both the United States and overseas. We will work with your company in providing shipping quotations for both domestic and international destinations.

Looking for your own humate and fertilizer blend? MVH offers custom blending to any specification provided by our customers. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

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Our product line consists of thirteen different humate products.

Contact Us: 1.844.486.2837

The MVH Team

Lyndon Smith

Lyndon Smith has been the General Manager of Mesa Verde Humates since 2017. Lyndon, as President of Bio Huma Netics, has over 30 years of experience in the humate and agriculture industries. He is also the current VP of the Humic Products Trade Association Board of Directors.

Joel Reid

Joel Reid is Mesa Verde Humates' Sales Manager and has been with MVH since 2001. He is extremely technically knowledgeable and is very astute at helping to build your input program for all crops and soils. Assisting with specific problem areas and difficult soils is Joel's speciality.

Jeff Warren

Jeff Warren has been with Mesa Verde Humates since 2011. He is the Operations Manager and directs the Mining, processing, packaging, and shipping of the Mesa Verde Humates dry products. His extensive background in excavation, fabrication, material processing, and customer service have made him very well versed in MVH’s unique operations.

Carmen Catellier

Carmen Catellier has been with Mesa Verde Humates since 2011. She is the Finance Manager and directs the accounting and finance functions of the company. Carmen is also a versatile administrative professional with over 30 years experience and manages other support functions within the company.

Contact Us: 1.844.486.2837