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100% Genuine New Mexico Humates
About 75 Million Years in the Making

Over the past decades, we have supplied the agricultural industry with the highest quality humates, mined from premium New Mexico geologic deposits, in the Upper Cretaceous Fruitland Formation, in the San Juan Basin.

New Mexico humates are noted for being among the best in the world and Mesa Verde takes pride in the fact that we have been instrumental in building this reputation. Today we are one of the world's most respected suppliers of humates, with milling, shipping and office operations in San Ysidro, New Mexico.

Mesa Verde Humates® Production Processes

Introduction to Mesa Verde Humates®, with Joel Reid (cc in Spanish)

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Humates for Increased Phosphorus Availability

Humic substances in the soil are well known for increasing availability of plant-necessary nutrients.

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Nitrogen vs. Carbon - New Important Information!

For decades the conventional thinking has been that applications of synthetic nitrogen fertilizers help enhance soil carbon levels by stimulating soil microbes to feed on organic matter from crop residues. New research indicates that, in fact, the opposite may be true!

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Increasing and Improving Crops Using Humates

Fertile soil is the most important resource in agriculture. It is a living thing, a complex combination of organic and inorganic materials which forms a synergy unequaled on earth. Using Humate and humic acid products restore the natural balance in soil necessary for optimal plant growth.

K Hume
Activated Humate

75-150 lbs/Acre

A concentrated source of humic acids containing 70% Humic Acid (by weight)..


MV Fulvic 5 and 20
Liquid Fulvic Acid

0.5-2 Gallons/Acre

A concentrated source of fulvic acids containing 5% & 20% Fulvic Acid (by weight).


Soluble HA

2-3 lbs/Acre

Concentrated source of humic acids in soluble powder form containing 70% humic acids.


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Effect of HA on Phosphorus Fertilizers
Learn more about the effect of humic acids on the availability of phosphorus fertilizers in alkaline soils
Humic Acids in Pollution Remediation
See the latest study of humic acids and their detergent qualities and potential uses in pollution remediation.
New Product -Humic DG!
Learn more about our new Dispersing Humic Acid Granule! Humic DG is a 62% HA granule that disperses in minutes with water. DG granules are cleaner & easier to handle than competing products. more

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