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Mesa Verde Humates

Over the past 36 years we have grown to be the best known suppliers of humates in the world. Our headquarters and production operation are located in San Ysidro, New Mexico. Our humates are mined in the San Juan Basin in Northwest New Mexico from the Fruitland Formation.

Mesa Verde Humates® is part of the Bio Huma Netics®, Inc. (BHN) family of products.

Founded in 1973, Bio Huma Netics®, Inc., is a three-generation employee-owned company that is a global leader in empowering others through humic substances.

From company-owned mines, we produce liquid, dry, and water soluble humic and fulvic acid products, as well as our proprietary Micro Carbon Technology®.

Key to our success is the science behind our products. The BHN Research & Development (R&D) Center has 3 primary areas of responsibility: product development & improvement, product quality assurance, and humic research. For more information about the BHN R&D Center, click here.

Our products—derived from naturally occurring leonardite (soft coal) and humic shales—create enhanced activity of beneficial microorganisms, improved soil structure and water use, enhanced nutrient availability and uptake, suppression of crop pests and diseases, and breakdown of hydrocarbons and chemical compounds.

Our humic-based products have been developed for agriculture (HUMA GRO®MESA VERDE HUMATES®FERTILGOLD® ORGANICS); horticulture, turf, and ornamentals (HUMA GRO® TURF); and soil & wastewater bioremediation (PROBIOTIC SOLUTIONS®).

Our ongoing purpose is to investigate, innovate, implement, and improve the use of humic substances as true biostimulants for a better world. Learn more at www.bhn.us.


Mesa Verde Humates is the miner and manufacturer of high quality New Mexico humates and humate related products.

We constantly strive to provide the highest quality humates to the agricultural and environmental industries at competitive prices. Always timely in our shipments and consistent in our product specifications, we provide excellent service by being responsive to our customers. New Mexico humates are noted for being among the best in the world and Mesa Verde takes pride in the fact that we have been instrumental in building this reputation. Look no further if you are interested in humates for agriculture or other applications!


Our lifelong commitment to providing high quality humates has uniquely positioned us as the leader in our industry.

Our humates are among the best in the world. MVH works closely with our clients to provide consistent quality, quick and accurate order fulfillment, and superior customer service.

What makes MVH humates superior to the rest?

  • High quality fulvic acid content
  • Low heavy metals content 
  • Low moisture content of 18-22%

    To learn more about the Benefits of humates, please visit our BENEFITS SECTION.

Our Vision

  • Empowering others through humic substances

Our Mission

  • Driven to enhance the quality of life

Our Purpose

  • Investigate, Innovate, Implement, Improve

Our Operating Values

  • Uncompromising Integrity, Relentless Pursuit of Excellence, Proactive Innovation, Win-Win-Win


Our product line consists of thirteen different humate products.

Contact Us: 1.844.486.2837

The MVH Team

Lyndon Smith

Lyndon Smith has been the General Manager of Mesa Verde Humates since 2017. Lyndon, as President of Bio Huma Netics, has over 30 years of experience in the humate and agriculture industries. He is also the current VP of the Humic Products Trade Association Board of Directors.

Joel Reid

Joel Reid is Mesa Verde Humates' Sales Manager and has been with MVH since 2001. He is extremely technically knowledgeable and is very astute at helping to build your input program for all crops and soils. Assisting with specific problem areas and difficult soils is Joel's speciality.

Jeff Warren

Jeff Warren has been with Mesa Verde Humates since 2011. He is the Operations Manager and directs the Mining, processing, packaging, and shipping of the Mesa Verde Humates dry products. His extensive background in excavation, fabrication, material processing, and customer service have made him very well versed in MVH’s unique operations.

Carmen Catellier

Carmen Catellier has been with Mesa Verde Humates since 2011. She is the Finance Manager and directs the accounting and finance functions of the company. Carmen is also a versatile administrative professional with over 30 years experience and manages other support functions within the company.

Contact Us: 1.844.486.2837