70% HA Activated Potassium Humate
Coated Soil Conditioner - Net Weight 50 lbs.

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ACTIVATED FOR ENHANCED SOLUBILITY POTASSIUM HUMATE containing 70% Humic Acid by weight (a non-plant food product) derived from Mesa Verde Humates. Humic Acids are natural agents containing both humic and fulvic fractions. 

A concentrated source of humic acids. Adds organic material containing humic acids to your soil to stimulate soil life. Improved solubility (76% soluble) to speed activity in the soil and enhance uptake. Naturally-occurring, unaltered oxidized lignite, coated and screened to various particle sizes (1-2mm, 1-6 mm, 2-6mm). K Hume also contains many supplemental natural minerals in trace amounts, including 3% potassium (dry weight basis).


SEED BED AND SEEDLING PLANTED BEDS: Apply 3-4 lbs. per 1,000 Sq. Ft. of area. Mix K Hume in top 6" of bed or mix in media prior to filling bed.
GOLF GREENS AND TEE-BOXES: Apply 5-10 lbs per 1,000 Sq. Ft. of surface area.
GREENHOUSE & NURSERY: On inside and outside of beds: Apply 1 Lbs per 200 Sq. Ft. of area and mix in top 2-3". Incorporated in Media Mix: Mix 50 Lbs. with 28 Cu. Ft. of media mix. This ratio is for 1/2" Oz. per 4" pot.


50 lb. Paper Kraft Bagging

Our fifty-pound bags are "blow-in" type bags with 2 paper layers and an inner layer of impermeable plastic. Air holes in the bags allow the product to be blown in through an opening in the top of the bag. This opening is self-closing when the bag is filled to capacity. Fifty-pound bags are stacked on 40x48" pallets for shipping, with 45 bags to the pallet (2,250 pounds of product per pallet. The pallets themselves weigh 50 pounds). Shrink wrapping of palleted bags is available upon request. The bags are a plain brown paper with no printing. Pre-printed customer bags can be filled upon request.

1 Ton Mini Tote Bags

The most popular method for shipping our products is in mini-bulk bags, each of which holds approximately 1 ton of product. These bags are made of a synthetic material and are resistant to moisture. The bags are "duffel top", meaning they can be tied closed at the top. A spout on the bottom of the mini-bulk bags is tied closed for filling and can be opened to allow dumping of the product into a hopper or mixer. Straps at the four top corners of the bags allow easy handling with a forklift. We can ship mini-bulk bags on pallets (36x26") upon request.


Granular humate products can be shipped in larger bulk storage containers such as grain trucks (hoppers), belt trailers, etc. Please inquire if you are interested in bulk shipments.


Please visit and complete our online QUOTATION FORM and we will respond to your pricing inquiry.


Everyone Knows What Happens When Soil Becomes Depleted

Yields drop. Crops become more susceptible to disease and weaker stock is an open invitation for pests to move in. Crucial to life, humates restore the natural balance in soil necessary for optimal plant growth, and provide the foundation for plant vigor. Humates are highly concentrated, natural organic humus, formed through the biological breakdown of plant life over millions of years. Today we mine those rich remains to give your soil a concentrated source of naturally occurring humus. Its biochemically active humic acid content and the complex process of organic complexing, along with increased microbial activity, make the minerals and trace elements which are necessary for growth readily available to your plants.

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Our product line consists of thirteen different humate products.

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The MVH Team

Lyndon Smith

Lyndon Smith has been the General Manager of Mesa Verde Humates since 2017. Lyndon, as President of Bio Huma Netics, has over 30 years of experience in the humate and agriculture industries. He is also the current VP of the Humic Products Trade Association Board of Directors.

Joel Reid

Joel Reid is Mesa Verde Humates' Sales Manager and has been with MVH since 2001. He is extremely technically knowledgeable and is very astute at helping to build your input program for all crops and soils. Assisting with specific problem areas and difficult soils is Joel's speciality.

Jeff Warren

Jeff Warren has been with Mesa Verde Humates since 2011. He is the Operations Manager and directs the Mining, processing, packaging, and shipping of the Mesa Verde Humates dry products. His extensive background in excavation, fabrication, material processing, and customer service have made him very well versed in MVH’s unique operations.

Carmen Catellier

Carmen Catellier has been with Mesa Verde Humates since 2011. She is the Finance Manager and directs the accounting and finance functions of the company. Carmen is also a versatile administrative professional with over 30 years experience and manages other support functions within the company.

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