Spherical Dispersing Granule - 62% HA
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Humic DG is a uniform granule which utilizes a proprietary dispersible granule (DG) technology. Each granule will disperse into thousands of particles with irrigation or rainfall, facilitating incorporation of the product into the soil. The hard granule has a low moisture and dust content, allowing it to be easily blended with other components, such as urea-based fertilizers. Humic acid products, such as Humic DG, have demonstrated increased plant quality and production while improving and replenishing depleted soils.

Guaranteed analysis 62% humic acids.


CROPS (BROADCAST) – Apply at 40 pounds per acre or higher as a broadcast treatment, one to two times annually. Best when applied in fall, post-harvest or early spring. May be used at pre-plant up to first blossom or anytime fertilizer is applied. For severely carbon depleted soils, apply 40-500 pounds per acre.

CROPS (IN-FURROW/BANDED) – Apply 4 -10 pounds per acre in-furrow or as a banded treatment.

TURF - Apply 40-200 pounds per acre per year. Apply 1-2 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. anytime during the growing season. Can be applied after aeration as a top-dress treatment. If desired, mix with the sand media. Apply and water in for self incorporation. Make additional applications to deficient areas.

TREES, SHRUBS – Apply 2-8 oz. as a band around the base of each tree or shrub. Larger trees and
shrubs should use the higher rate.

ORNAMENTALS AND BEDDING PLANTS – Apply 1-2 pounds per 1,000 sq. ft. as a broadcast
treatment in ornamental landscaping and garden areas.

POTTING SOILS – Mix 2-10 lbs. per cubic yard of potting mix.



40 lb. Plastic Bagging

40 lb. Heat Sealed Plastic Bagging Available Upon Request.

2000 lb. Bulk Bags

The 2,000 lb. Bulk Bags Available Upon Request.


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Everyone Knows What Happens When Soil Becomes Depleted

Yields drop. Crops become more susceptible to disease and weaker stock is an open invitation for pests to move in. Crucial to life, humates restore the natural balance in soil necessary for optimal plant growth, and provide the foundation for plant vigor. Humates are highly concentrated, natural organic humus, formed through the biological breakdown of plant life over millions of years. Today we mine those rich remains to give your soil a concentrated source of naturally occurring humus. Its biochemically active humic acid content and the complex process of organic complexing, along with increased microbial activity, make the minerals and trace elements which are necessary for growth readily available to your plants.

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Our product line consists of thirteen different humate products.

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